The objective of a home is not just to live, but to experience health & happiness while living in that environment


Structure is part and parcel of our Universe. Also, our body and our home.

Structure can affect our sensitivity, and our living, negatively, or positively, depending on their position, or placement, and so on.When there is a certain known, or unknown, imbalance in any structure in your home, it affects everyone’s health and happiness… at home.The human brain is probably the most complex structure in the known Universe — it holds the key for our thoughts, action, memory, feelings and experiences of the world.

Happiness is a state of mind; as also our brain. It relates to health, and vice versa.We all know the physical effects of health and happiness — a smile, laugh, or grin, reflects our overall health and happiness index.Our happiness and other emotions are connected to neurochemicals in the brain. They have a definitive purpose — keeping us happy.The big downside is — if there is a problem, or lack of balance, in our neurochemical levels, it triggers depression, the common cold of psychiatric illness, among other health conditions.This is, yet again, related to the context of your home — any imbalance can lead to illness and lack of happiness.

Saral Health helps you to clear such imbalances, if any, in the flow of our body chemicals and bring about a healthy change — in the form of good, optimal health and happiness within the context of your home, based on the Four Great Sciences, viz., Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science.

What is Structure Science

Structure is the critical part of a house/building/factory. As per the modern science, our brain is sensitive to position, orientation and direction in space. If the structure of the place where we live/work is not in sync with the energies of our body, it leads to some or the other issues related to health, wealth, career, relationship, etc. This is only because of the imbalance created between our body and the structure.

Age old Indian practice of Vastu Shastra has enabled ancient Indians to stay healthier and happier. During that time, houses followed a defined geometry of either square or rectangle in shape which were a source of positive energy.

Structure science focuses to match the rhythm of your soul with the Universe. A common Vastu defect is the presence of three doors in a row for any apartment. In this kind of setting, the positive energy entering your home will rush out of other doors as there are no walls to obstruct the flow of energy, thus creating imbalance. In the same way, a house with too many doors implies that energy is constantly entering and leaving the house creating a chaotic atmosphere for the occupants. Likewise, an L-shaped structure of the house or a balcony extension implies a “missing” part or section of the house that can create an imbalance of energy. An ideal structure is one that is rectangular or square shaped comprising all the 'Nine Sthanas' within the house. The physical, emotional, and mental strength that keeps us active. It is very important to feel the power of positive energy of our home or workplace if we want to remain happy and healthy.

When all the above details are considered during construction, there is a positive energy flow in the house/workplace and you absorb that energy in your body. This leads to a balanced consonant life with good health and happiness.