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The Secret of Wellness

One Mrs. Agarwal of Vashi, Navi Mumbai used to remain unhealthy most of the time. She was hospitalized several times for various ailments. Her husband was also not doing well in business and their financial condition was also not good. Investigations were performed for BP, Kidney disease, Liver problems, Anxiety, Obesity and even Diabetes.. Alternative therapies were even taken but her state of health did not improve much. It seemed as though she was not comfortable with something that was bothering her physically, mentally or even spiritually. After enduring in this manner for several months, she was prompted to seek our help and adopt Saral Health. She made some simple changes in her lifestyle and her home setup. Within no time her health began to improve and doctors were surprised to observe no symptoms of any illness or disease upon clinical examination.

The secret of wellness lies in simple lifestyle habits and practices. You can recover from any kind of health issue. Did you know, you can even get rid of diabetes? You can overcome lifestyle health disorders like BP, kidney disease, stress at home, workplace stress, liver problems, anxiety, obesity and the like. There are four kinds of sciences that govern the life of an individual in the universe as follows:-

I. Science of Direction – When you are born, you get connected to the universal energy based on the directions on the date of your birth. There are 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable directions. When you are able to follow these directions correctly, you are able to connect well with the universal energy and lead a happy and healthy life.

II. Science of Structure – We spend most of our time at our home or place of work. Hence, these places and how we make use of them would determine our state of health. The key to healthy living is that the main entrance to your house and office should have directional strength, while also the interiors should be in consonance with the four favorable directions computed through your date of birth.

III. Science of Energy - We are surrounded by energy, particularly where we work or reside. It can either be positive or negative. If we are engulfed with a cloud of positive energy, we are likely to lead a positive and healthy life.

IV. Science of Chakras - We all have 7 chakras or energy centres in our body. Each of them is linked to a specific organ or a set of organs. When these chakras are activated through the application of the Direction, Structure and Energy Science, it would lay the foundation of a healthy and resourceful life. In case these chakras are not activated in the right manner, it would affect the specific organ in question and cause its malfunctioning.

So, the secret to wellness may be something you might have practiced unknowingly in the past but were not aware of. Simple lifestyle changes and the internal set up of your home could bring happiness and health in your life. You can ensure life-long health and happiness by maintaining a harmonious flow of energy across the 7 chakras and activating them rightly. Once you seek our expert help you will begin to experience the changes within a period of 1 week to 6 months.