Name : Ravi Kumar

Age : 55years
Village :Hosahudya village
State : Bengaluru

I was suffering from Diabetes since many years and the situation was such that the sugar level used to cross 300. I used to be very tensed due to which I also developed kidney stone. I lost interest in life and went into depression. I was constantly in touch with doctors and was following many medic ations. I consulted a very famous doctor, Dr. Ramana Rao in November 2013. He examined me and advised me medicines and diet. The medications didnt work at all. I tried everything but still there were no results. I was fed up of everything.

Once while watching TV, I came to know about Saral Health. I called up the given contact number immediately and asked for help. After gaining the full information, I adopted Saral Health and I was given no medicine but was suggested improvements in my house which included no structural changes. To my utter surprise, in few days my diabetes came down to 104. I was so relieved and happy that I showed my reports to Dr. Rao. He couldnt believe that how can it happen so fast. Saral health gave me a rebirth and a reason to live.

I have the capacity to recover on my own, I was made aware that my body has the capacity to recover from any illness and now after my diabetes coming back to normal level I am confident about the same. I have realised this through Saral Health. I have recovered... so can you.