Name : Padmakishor

Age : 40 years
Village : Hospete
State : Karnataka

I was not in a good state of health. Every now and then I would feel tired and experience swelling in my legs. I was wondering why this was happening to me. An annual medical check-up was advised by my company. First time in 40 years, I went for a medical check-up and was shocked to learn that I have been living with a single kidney, all these years. However, I had been having such complaints since past 10 to 15 years.

If I sat somewhere for a long time my legs would swell. If I wore shoes they would be tight due to swelling. I would not be able to sit and work for long. As a consequence, I needed to work harder to make up for this limitation. Doctors advised me to walk regular and do exercise. However, the swelling did not subside completely and was recurrent in nature. I was really worried and depressed. My blood pressure even shot up and ranged between 190 and 200 levels. After implementing Saral Health in my life, things began to change. I was advised to adopt South East direction and it had a magical effect. My swelling automatically subsided within a few days and I came back to my normalcy! Thanks to Dr Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji!