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Can home structure impact your health?

There are a number of factors that can disturb an individual’s health. Poor diet, lack of exercise and many other lifestyle-related causes lead to ill health. Apart from this, there are some internal factors known as hereditary factors or genetic disorders that affect a person’s health. Due to a hectic, everyday life, most people today have junk food with a high-calorie count that can further trigger health problems. Not only internal, but numerous external factors can also further affect an individual’s health such as bad weather and polluted air in the surroundings of your residence or workplace. If you live close to a manufacturing unit or work at a factory that emits hazardous substance, it can put your health at risk too.

Like many others, you may have tried every possible remedy for your ailments but in vain. You may be still gaining weight despite regular diet regime and medicines. Ever thought the place where you live or work could possibly be the reason for your health problems? Yes. This is indeed true! An individual spends most of his valuable time at home and workplace, the vaastu directions of these structures could actually be disturbing their health. If your house architecture is facing your unfavorable direction, it could do more harm than good to you. Also, rectangular or square shaped house structure is preferable, while L-shaped houses are considered to have negative effects on health.

A unique scientific solution

You can get rid of all your health problems without any diet or medicine by making simple alterations to the structure of your home. Every individual is connected to the universal energy through directions based on their birth date. There are favorable and unfavorable directions for each individual. By adopting Saral Health, you can know the favorable directions for your business.

Sleeping in the corner of your bedroom can have ill-effects on your health. The house architecture should be designed such that the main door is as per the favorable direction of the breadwinner in the house. Making certain modifications in the interiors of your home can also prove to be very beneficial for your overall well-being. Implementing four sciences in your home can help you lead a healthy and rewarding life. So why wait? Reach out to our experts today and change your life with these unique scientific vaastu remedies.