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Healthy Mind and Body at Home

Its been rightly said by many, “Health is wealth”. In the absence of a good state of health, we cannot enjoy life. There can be no happiness, success or peace in our life if we are not healthy. Being in good health not only implies an absence of illness but also a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. Moreover, in totality, a state of good health may include many levels. Besides physical, mental and social it will also include spiritual level. None of these levels could be ignored if we are to adopt a holistic approach to achieving life-long health and well-being.

Most of the healthcare professionals and medicos would advise you to maintain a proper diet, follow a fitness regimen or maybe take some medication. However, these conventional recommendations for health and fitness are very much based on physical and mental level. They do not take into account your health at the spiritual level. There is a holistic and subtle approach based on ancient vedic sciences that take into account your directions, dwelling, level and flow of energy. The objective is to restore the harmony with nature that was lost due to imbalances and incongruencies in lifestyle. As some of us may be aware, the nature and environment around is full of energy.

It seeks to invoke the Universal energy and help you achieve a peaceful and healthy life. The energy may be positive or negative. The holistic approach based on the ancient science seeks to get rid of the negative energy in the environment and invoke positive energy from the universe. With suitable modifications in your lifestyle and home, the positive energy can seep into your household and family. With these subtle modifications at a spiritual level, a conspicuous improvement in your health will be seen in a span of 7 days to 180 days. This effect would be seen at all levels, physical, mental, social and spiritual. This demystified ancient approach has been referred to as Saral Health!