Empower your body and soul


What makes us wake up from sleep to wakefulness, blankness to light and dream to reality? It is energy — the energy of our mind and body. We need body energy to live in the physical sense and mind energy to reach our goals. This is because every cell of the billions of cells in our body is spending tons of energy — on a daily basis.

Energy is fundamental to the Universe. It is more essential than matter. It is the basis of all transformation, because every single event in the Universe uses energy. The human body requires huge amounts of energy — even in sleep. To be alive is essentially a constant revolution of energy. Energy is the nuclear power of our lives. And, our homes too. It goes without saying that our bodies and homes are powered by energy. This is why we can visualise changes in energy within our cells, brains and homes — from moment to moment. This plays a key role in health, happiness and illness. When our home is affected by negative energy, it leads to a lack of energy in every way, leading to illness.

The most common outcome of such a state is: depression, allergies, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, among others. Saral Health enables you to change the bad effects of energy loss, for whatever reason, within your home, to positive energy, through the Four Sciences:  Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science.

What is Energy Science

The Universe is filled with abundance of energy, which can be positive and negative energy. Our body responds to these energies in some or the other way. Sometimes we feel happy and joyful because our body is able to be in rhythm with outer frequency. In cases when we experience low, irritated and sad emotions without any reason, we do not realise that there is an imbalance between the body energy and external. Energy is the physical, emotional, and mental strength that keeps us active. It is very important to feel the power of positive energy of our home or workplace if we want to remain happy and healthy.

Sacred places of worship, sources of water like waterfall, sea and gardens are some of the examples of positive energy. Visiting such places gives us peace, harmony and a feel good factor. However, it is not advisable to have multiple washrooms or toilets in your house as they release negative energy. Energy Science focuses on cleansing the negative energy around you to connect you with the cosmic energy.

In the same way, graveyard, crowded places like railway station etc. bring negativity in us and a sense of pessimism, dejection, hopelessness.

In order to get rid of our life challenges, we spend time and money but do not always get results. It is just a matter of connecting to the aura of positive energy at our home or workplace. The invisible emanation produced by the objects kept in our dwelling/office is significant.