A healthy home redefines the whole essence of optimal Health and Happiness


Have you ever thought that your body has the capacity to recover from any health issue, minor or major, within 7-180 days without any ‘specific’ diet or medicine?


Every person in this universe is connected to the “Four Great Sciences.”

No one can choose to be, or ignore, or think of being unrelated to them.

The Four Great Sciences are:

  1. Direction Science
  2. Structure Science
  3. Energy Science
  4. Chakra Science 

From the time or day a person is born, and from that moment, they are connected to Universal Energy, that percolates the Cosmos, and our living planet, Earth, with the help of directions — based primarily on their date of birth.

Every human being is also, likewise, born and blessed with the ‘Power of Four’ — viz., four favourable and four unfavourable directions. When they knowingly, or unknowingly, follow their respective favourable directions, they are able to match the frequency of their inner and outer universal energy.

This powers them to experience and lead a healthy and happy life.

What is Direction Science:

There is a presence of natural cosmic energy everywhere in this earth, galaxies, space and molecules. Each one of us is connected to this natural power right from the time of birth through suitable directions. Based on the date of birth, there are eight directions out of which four directions help to connect to the natural energy, while the other four directions do not help the individual connect with the natural energy.

The power of thoughts and quality of imagination is influenced by the direction we face. If we match the directions that help us connect to the natural energy, we lead a harmonious and healthy living however in the other case we may end up with some or the other health challenges within us or our family. The force of this Universal energy if fine-tuned correctly with the right direction ensures a smooth and hassle-free life without intervention of any other external factors.