Your home is your temple. Make it Saral Health energised for good health & happiness to dwell in it.


In today's chaotic and turbulent times, in the wake of a fast-paced, stress-driven lifestyle we are always yearning to restore harmony, health, happiness, and balance in our life. This is a herculean task and is tantamount to searching a needle in a haystack.

Most of us are led to believe that a healthy home is all about purchasing a house and beautifully decorating from inside. We often focus on the materialistic aspect of life, by amassing wealth and buying expensive property. Even, while we succeed in this pursuit, we invariably find ourselves unhappy, stressed out and miserable. This accumulated stress and anxiety of not being able to do, what we wish has a direct impact on your health. We fail to understand that simply living in a well-furnished house that has the best of fittings and fixtures would not suffice to have a healthy and happy home. We need to look at our homes from a different dimension and level to be to address the underlying causes of imbalance in health and happiness. Our wise ancestors not only lived but also enjoyed their life to the fullest by looking into these subtle and metaphysical aspects of life. Their overall health and happiness quotient was pleasant due to the appropriate synchrony in design within their homes. They could live well and happy because they could strike a balance in life and live life harmoniously. The concept of Saral Health celebrates this ancient wealth of knowledge with a blend of modern scientific principles. Saral Health is keyed to create healthy homes through the use of Four Great Sciences viz. Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science.

Health is a state of complete physical and emotional wellbeing. In other words, it is not just about absence of disease but overall wellness of the body. Health determines our body's activeness, functionality and performance towards the type of tasks that we do. Healthy body is the power house for a healthy mind. Bad health hampers our efficiency and productivity. Factors like environment, genes, immunity power, socio-economic reasons etc. affect health. Everyone tries to protect themselves from the risk of health disorders and steer life on a healthy route.

But how do we keep ourselves away from different diseases in this world and maintain good health?

It is possible by adopting Saral Health. Saral health offers good health in 7 to 180 days. Good health originates at your home. The major finding in-depth research on the Saral Health concept is that “Our own home is responsible for our good health”.

How is health connected to our home?

Structures are an important part of a house/building. More critical is the energy flow inside the structure because it directly connects to the health of the person staying in that home. Square or rectangle shaped structures are a mode of positive-centric energy. There will be direct flow of positive energy in such places and the person staying there will not face any health challenges. Construction of heavy beam objects like staircase in the middle of the house should be avoided as it hampers the free flow of the energy throughout the home. If we absorb the positive energy flow in our home, we can maintain a healthy living.

The effect of positive energy through the right objects and position of the rooms result in good health of an individual living there. Reflection of good and powerful vibes from flowers, prayer, sound of bell, fresh water have a direct impact on the health. The health condition improves during such intervention. But negative elements in home like toilet & bathroom, cluttered home, uncleansed objects etc. release unhealthy vibes that interfere with our health and makes us prone to different kinds of diseases. If we keep our home clean and ensure the release of positive energy in each and every room, the presence of good health in that home is confirmed. It will not only affect one person but the family as a whole.

The seven chakras present in our body are associated with one or the other body part. A state of ill-health occurs if one or more of the chakras do not function in the right way. If we follow the right energy and direction through the application of four sciences, the chakras get activated and start spinning correctly. The outcome is positive energy flow in the home resulting a good and healthy life.

All the above factors indicate that our health can be impacted by the four sciences and if we follow them correctly we can have good health in our home. In a way good health can be achieved through a healthy home and vice versa.

Influencing Parameters of Human Health

  • The water, food, air, lifestyle, nature of job/work

  • Natural energies of Universe/Atmosphere

  • Heredity/ Vamshavahi

  • Karma

One more hidden science – Untold mystery

Your House and Workplace

  • Directions - Direction Science defines the process by which a human being is able to connect with the cosmic energy. Read More
  • Structures : Structure Science defines the process of balancing the natural energy in your home.
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  • Energies - Energy Science is the process of minimizing the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy in your home. Read More
  • Chakras – Chakra Science explains how your seven chakras get activated when other three sciences are followed. Read More

Four Great Sciences

The concept of Saral Vaastu is a blend of ancient Indian Vastu practices and modern scientific principles of four great sciences – Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras. They are well-tested, scientifically proven and universally applicable. It proposes YOUR HOME is the pivot of your life and if constructed, designed and ordered, as per your favourable directions, structures, and energies can bring prosperity, optimal health and happiness to you and your family.

The novel in-depth research on the subject has been done by our founder – Dr. Chandrasekhar Guruji and the concept has been amalgamated with the techniques of the four sciences.

Direction Science – There is a presence of natural cosmic energy everywhere in this earth, galaxies, space and molecules. Each one of us is connected to this natural power right from the time of birth through suitable directions. Based on the date of birth, there are eight directions out of which four directions help to connect to the natural energy, while the other four directions do not help the individual connect with the natural energy.

The power of thoughts and quality of imagination is influenced by the direction we face. If we match the directions that help us connect to the natural energy, we lead a harmonious and healthy living however in the other case we may end up with some or the other health challenges within us or our family. The force of this Universal energy if fine-tuned correctly with the right direction ensures a smooth and hassle-free life without intervention of any other external factors.

Structure Science – Structure is the critical part of a house/building/factory. As per the modern science, our brain is sensitive to position, orientation and direction in space. If the structure of the place where we live/work is not in sync with the energies of our body, it leads to some or the other issues related to health, wealth, career, relationship, etc. This is only because of the imbalance created between our body and the structure.

Age old Indian practice of Vastu Shastra has enabled ancient Indians to stay healthier and happier. During that time, houses followed a defined geometry of either square or rectangle in shape which were a source of positive energy.

Structure science focuses to match the rhythm of your soul with the Universe.
A common Vastu defect is the presence of three doors in a row for any apartment. In this kind of setting, the positive energy entering your home will rush out of other doors as there are no walls to obstruct the flow of energy, thus creating imbalance. In the same way, a house with too many doors implies that energy is constantly entering and leaving the house creating a chaotic atmosphere for the occupants. Likewise, an L-shaped structure of the house or a balcony extension implies a “missing” part or section of the house that can create an imbalance of energy. An ideal structure is one that is rectangular or square shaped comprising all the 'Nine Sthanas' within the house. The physical, emotional, and mental strength that keeps us active. It is very important to feel the power of positive energy of our home or workplace if we want to remain happy and healthy.

When all the above details are considered during construction, there is a positive energy flow in the house/workplace and you absorb that energy in your body. This leads to a balanced consonant life with good health and happiness.

Energy Science – The Universe is filled with abundance of energy, which can be positive and negative energy. Our body responds to these energies in some or the other way. Sometimes we feel happy and joyful because our body is able to be in rhythm with outer frequency. In cases when we experience low, irritated and sad emotions without any reason, we do not realise that there is an imbalance between the body energy and external. Energy is the physical, emotional, and mental strength that keeps us active. It is very important to feel the power of positive energy of our home or workplace if we want to remain happy and healthy.

Sacred places of worship, sources of water like waterfall, sea and gardens are some of the examples of positive energy. Visiting such places gives us peace, harmony and a feel good factor. However, it is not advisable to have multiple washrooms or toilets in your house as they release negative energy. Energy Science focuses on cleansing the negative energy around you to connect you with the cosmic energy.

In the same way, graveyard, crowded places like railway station etc. bring negativity in us and a sense of pessimism, dejection, hopelessness.

In order to get rid of our life challenges, we spend time and money but do not always get results. It is just a matter of connecting to the aura of positive energy at our home or workplace. The invisible emanation produced by the objects kept in our dwelling/office is significant.

Chakra Science – Human body has existence of 7 chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular part of the body and hence is responsible for the mood, behaviour and overall health. In cases when the chakras do not respond in the right manner, we feel negative, unhealthy, and unhappy. However if the chakras work in the right order and get activated, we automatically get enlightened and our body gets energised with positive and harmonious energy. How do we ensure that the seven energy centres of our body remain activated?

If we follow the right energies from the direction, structure and energy sciences, our body will react/respond positively and the chakras will get rejuvenated. This is a proven natural method to stay healthy. We do not realise that the way to good health and happiness lie within us and we can achieve it at healthy home through Saral Vaastu Concept.