A scientific approach to your health


Concept of Health : Yesterday & today

Most individuals, who seek health and happiness with fixated intent today, unlike the past, do not often get it.

You may call this a paradox — for health and happiness.

Just think of it. In ancient India, for instance, most individuals followed a practical plan of action — a people-centric, not self-centric, hypothetical model of health and happiness (sukha), based on the framework of Hitopadeśa.

This ancient, yet remarkably scientific, model provides guidelines to achieve a balanced path to health and happiness.

The framework also includes knowledge (vidyā) of nature — as the primary foundation of health and happiness, with insights focused towards achieving what is, in modern thought, called integrated wellness and happiness.

The ancient Greek philosophers called the concept, eudaimonia — a combination of the words, eu, which means good, and daimon, for the guiding element in us.

What does the primary essence of the two ideas suggest? That — to being healthy and happy is not just something related to the mind, or body, but to your dwelling — your home that provides you with shelter, security, and comfort.

When your home has negativity, or disharmony, for whatever reason, or lack of alignment, it triggers illness, and unhappiness, within oneself and the family.

When your home is in proper alignment and is endowed with appropriate balance, direction, symmetry and harmony, it brings in and expands your health and happiness quotient — to its highest level.

This is what Saral Health helps you to achieve in the best manner possible, with practical tools derived from ancient thought and founded and also refined on modern scientific principles by way of its Four Sciences — Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science.