Discover the power of seven chakras in healing your mind, body and soul!


Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are energy centres in the body. They are believed to be influenced by our thoughts. Chakras are like ceiling fans with overlapping blades, just as much as individual chakras are related to your overall health and happiness. This includes your home too. There are dozens of chakras in and around the body, but scholars refer primarily to seven major energy centres. These chakras push life energy, known as prana, through the body and constantly radiate and receive energy themselves.

Every major chakra, in turn, is associated with different thoughts and issues of consequence to us. They relate to your health and happiness. If one wants to remain balanced — and in good health — the seven chakras need to stay open, oscillating as freely as the fan. The first, best place for it to happen is your home — your own dwelling. When your home emits positive energy, you will relate to the chakras as fully functional.

Human body has existence of 7 chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular part of the body and hence is responsible for the mood, behaviour and overall health. In cases when the chakras do not respond in the right manner, we feel negative, unhealthy, and unhappy. However if the chakras work in the right order and get activated, we automatically get enlightened and our body gets energised with positive and harmonious energy. How do we ensure that the seven energy centres of our body remain activated?

If we follow the right energies from the direction, structure and energy sciences, our body will react/respond positively and the chakras will get rejuvenated. This is a proven natural method to stay healthy. We do not realise that the way to good health and happiness lie within us and we can achieve it at healthy home through Saral Vaastu Concept.

When they are optimally functional, the chakras provide energy, health and happiness. When your home emits negative energy, the chakras get jammed. Your living becomes dull. This is an invitation for ill-health and unhappiness. This is the basis for what is called ‘blocked chakras’ — the emergence of negativity at home.

Chakras -> Depth -> Energy Junctions -> 7 Chakras

Saral Health’s Four Sciences — Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science — automatically give positivity and positive energy all around you. This positivity leads to 6-8 hours of sleep and in turn rejuvenates the seven chakras to provide daily rejuvenation.

This is quite unlike other sciences, such as meditation or yoga practices, which align your mind and body, and not so much your home — the two practices usher in a sense of positivity to your home environment, all right, too, but they do not, however, harmonise the structural elements within your home, and so on.

Saral Health’s scientific chakra guidance will help you restore chakra balance again. This corrects and elevates your home’s positive energies and, in the process, clears the blocked chakras. 

The result is: vibrant health and happiness for you and your family.

Note: Apart from the four major quadrants, it is imperative to emphasise on the importance of symmetry and placement through Saral Health — they also hold the key to good health and happiness.