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Healthy Body: Empowering your Seven chakras

As an old maxim goes, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, the health of an individual can truly determine his state of mind. A healthy body not only ensures a healthy mind but the overall well-being of the individual. Did you know? A healthy body can be achieved by rejuvenating the chakras in the human body. Yes! It’s true. The key to your good health is in your own hands.

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The Secret of Wellness

One Mrs. Agarwal of Vashi, Navi Mumbai used to remain unhealthy most of the time. She was hospitalized several times for various ailments. Her husband was also not doing well in business and their financial condition was also not good.

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Healthy Mind and Body at Home

Its been rightly said by many, “Health is wealth”. In the absence of a good state of health, we cannot enjoy life. There can be no happiness, success or peace in our life if we are not healthy. Being in good health not only implies an absence

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My Fitness Pal

The need for fitness has assumed greater importance in today's stress-driven, fast-paced lifestyle. More frequently than ever, people are becoming victims of lifestyle disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, and other lifestyle-related problems.

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Can home structure impact your health?

There are a number of factors that can disturb an individual’s health. Poor diet, lack of exercise and many other lifestyle-related causes lead to ill health. Apart from this, there are some internal factors known as hereditary factors or genetic

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The Mantra to Stay Healthy

Karan Pawar, a resident of Thane was facing problems in his food pipe since a decade. It had been so severe that he had to be hospitalized every 3 months. His family tried various treatment options but nothing seemed to have helped.

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